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Questions? Contact iidanpc.inawardsentry@gmail.com for more information.

1. How do I log into the system?

The INawards online application system is separate from the IIDANPC website. If you submitted a project since 2019, you are in luck! Your profile/login still exists. If you are new to the system, simply create a new login/passowrd. If you would like to access a former employee's profile, send your request to iidanpc.inawardsentry@gmail.com.

2. Can I make a test submission, or download a printable copy of the form?

Of course! You can download a PDF of the application questions and requirements by clicking HERE . Please note that all submissions must be submitted via the online application system by 11:59 p.m. October 16th, 2020 October 21st, 2020. Submissions sent by any other means will not be accepted.

3. Do I have to be an IIDA NPC member to submit a project or product?

Non-members can submit any project for your organization. To qualify for the member rate a member of your team must be an IIDA, AIA or ASID member. Their member number must be included in the application.

The primary team and the firm must be located within the boundries of the IIDA NPC chapter (Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta, and British Columbia). Projects may be located anywhere.

4. Is there a limit to how many projects I can submit?

There is no limit on how many projects an organization can submit; however, a project can only be submitted in one catagory. 

5. Can I submit a project that has been previously submitted?

Any project that has been submitted in previous INawards may be submitted again as long as it still meets the qualifications. Projects must be completed after January 2018.

6. Do I need to submit professional photos for the submittal?

Photos of the winning projects appear on the IIDA NPC website and social media, and at the event. Give us your best project photos from the start, and don't forget, a photographer's photo release is required.

7. What if I don't know which category to submit the nomination under?

Just pick the best category that applies to your nomination. Please contact iidanpc.inawardsentry@gmail.com with questions about how to categorize your project. IIDA NPC reserves the right to reassign nomination award categories and create new ones.

8. Will there be in-person presentations this year?

Due to COVID-19 this year's INawards will be presented virtually via Zoom. We're still working on setting up the site and organizing this year's event, so please check back for more information soon!

9. How to I get my complimentary ticket to the event?

After submissions have closed an email will be distributed to all of the applicants with a coupon code that will allow you to obtain your complimentary ticket to attend the award ceremony via Eventbrite.

10. How do I apply for the INstory, INregion and People's Choice catagories?

These catagories are in addition to the primary catagories (i.e. INhome, INpublic, etc.). Submissions could potentially win in their primary catagory as well as one of these catagories. 

  • INstory - Recognizes a project that overcame challenges, was built under extraodinary circumstances and/or has a particular captivating narrative. This can also include a COVID realted design solution. All submissions that include information in the text field for INstory will be included in this judging.
  • INregion - Recognizes a project by a firm outside of the greater Puget Sound area, within the Northern Pacific Chapter. Submissions entered into this catagory will be determind by IIDA NPC based on the company address. 
  • People's Choice – Recognizes a project from any catagory voted best by the general public during the People's Choice voting time. All projects will automatically be included in this judging.

11. What is the Early Bird fee?

The early bird gets the worm and the discounts. Just by signing up and paying your entry fee prior to October 2nd, 2020, you will recieve the discounted submission price of $250 per entry. We also suggest that you get your full entry uploaded early as well.