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The IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter is proud to present the 20th annual INawards, a juried competition for interior design excellence and innovation.

Interior designers, architects and industrial designers from the regions covered by the Northern Pacific Chapter (Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Alberta and British Columbia) are invited to submit entries for interior spaces and products completed after January 2021 (published or unpublished). Members of other professional design organizations are also invited to enter their projects at the IIDA Member price level. Award recipients will be honored in a ceremony on Thursday, November 2nd, location TBD, WA. Winners will be announced on IIDANPC.org and our social media platforms. Winners will also be shared with the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter Membership, a group of over 400 professionals, via an electronic newsletter.

Entries will receive additional exposure via virtual voting for the People’s Choice Award.

IIDA NPC is including one complimentary ticket for the Awards Ceremony for each entry purchased. If you are not planning to attend the Awards Ceremony, you may delegate your ticket to someone else to be there to accept your award should you win.


  • $300 - Early Bird - Member of IIDA, AIA, NEWH, or ASID, only
  • $325 - Member of IIDA, AIA, NEWH, or ASID
  • $400 - Non-Member

Early Bird pricing ends on September 13th, 2023.

All entries are due end of day 11:59pm on October 6th, 2023!  ENTRY DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 10TH 11:59PM!

For questions, please contact iidanpc.inawardsentry@gmail.com.


  • INeducation – Recognizes elementary/secondary educational facilities, colleges/universities.
  • INlifesciences – Recognizes projects in the growing field of life science.
  • INhome – Recognizes single-family residential projects.
  • INhealthcare – Recognizes hospitals, outpatient clinics, and medical facilities.
  • INworkplace Micro – Recognizes corporate and not-for-profit workspaces >15k sq ft.
  • INworkplace  Mid – Recognizes corporate and not-for-profit workspaces 15k-40ksq.ft.
  • INworkplace Macro – Recognizes corporate and not-for-profit workspaces 40k +.
  • INpublic – Recognizes government/municipal spaces, institutional, cultural, libraries, religious spaces, assembly, religious, museums, and civic projects.
  • INmulti-family – Recognizes multi-unit housing projects and assisted living projects.
  • INhospitality – Recognizes hotels, resorts, lodges, bars, wineries, breweries and restaurants.
  • INretail – Recognizes direct sales locations – retail branches, grocery stores, boutiques, etc.
  • INconcept – Recognizes not yet completed projects and product design.
  • People's Choice – Recognizes a project from any category voted best by the general public during the People's Choice voting time.
  • INshow – ALL winning entries will be considered by the judges for the highest honor of “INshow." 


  • The winning design projects will be selected by a jury of design professionals. Submissions are judged on excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, and function as well as the suitability of the design solution to the project challenge and the successful integration of the elements of design. The jury reserves the right not to select a winner from the entries submitted.
  • Judges reserve the right to re-classify a project into a different category if deemed necessary (including too few submissions in one category). Refunds will not be given to projects within a category that was not awarded nor will refunds be given to projects that have been recategorized. 
  • Photography and images submitted in the Entry Kit can be used by the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter for exhibition, publication, and promotional purposes. 
  • Entries must include all required information and submittals for entry submissions. Read descriptions carefully. Submissions that do not meet the required criteria will not be considered. Projects can only be entered in one category.
  • Any project that has been submitted in previous INawards may be submitted again as long as it still meets the qualifications and has not previously won. Projects must be completed after January 2021.
  • All projects submitted will be included in the Peoples Choice voting which will be conducted online prior to the event.
  • ALL winning entries will be considered by the judges for the highest honor of “INshow." 
  • Entrants must submit a separate Call for Entries application form for each project. 
  • As a nonprofit organization we are unable to offer refunds for any reason.


  • Entry Kit Submissions for judging are paperless! The submissions include narrative responses and project images which will be submitted on the OpenWater website for judging. 
  • Each entry in the 2023 INawards program will be judged on the success with which it has met its individual requirements. Entries will be weighed individually, and not in competition with others. Jury decisions will be based solely on the materials submitted. 
  • Judging criteria will include: 
    • Execution of design based on provided concept & description provided in project description
    • Originality of the design solution 
    • Design Details 
    • Relevancy (if narrative is provided in submission)
    • Sustainability + Well-being (if narrative is provided in submission)
    • Budget (if narrative is provided in submission)
  • Judges will individually review submittals online based on the criteria above.  The judges will come together virtually to discuss projects in each category.  Top three projects will be designated in each category and final winner decided upon during that virtual call.
  • Logos and firm names should not be included on any imagery or in any written portion of the submittal. The authorship of each project will remain concealed throughout the deliberations of the jury. If the authorship is revealed on any of the submission submittals (i.e.: jpgʼs, title blocks, narratives) in the Entry Kit, the jury may choose to disqualify the entry. 



  • Project Statement - This can be more detailed than the Project Summary. 1000 word maximum
  • Project Summary - Up to one paragraph or four sentences maximum, to describe the project. This text will be read at the event if you win.
  • Sustainability + Well-Being - How did your project address sustainability, climate change, or use well-being in the design and construction of the project? **Optional Field**
  • Budget  - How does your project overcome the ordinary budget constraints or obstacles and how did that impact or ultimately enhance the overall design? **Optional Field**
  • Relevancy  How does your project address relevant challenges to our current times (i.e. COVID, DEI, BLM, Unhoused persons)? **Optional Field**
  • Project Details – Provide other significant project details.


  • Provide at least one floor plan in PDF format. These PDF’s must be CLEAN images (no titleblocks, captions, firm logos, etc.) Only one pdf per upload section (up to 10 floor plans can be provided.) Only include floor plans that support your narratives, additional floor plans are not required.
  • Provide at least 1 concept, schematic, or design development sketch (up to 5 can be uploaded to support the narrative.)
  • Provide at least 1 image of a Finish Legend or Project Finish Palette (up to 5 can be uploaded to support narrative.)
  • Provide a minimum of 4 Project Photos. Up to 8 Project Photos can be submitted - Max file size of 25 MB per upload.  Since this is an interior design competition, the images should primarily be of interior spaces.  If appropriate, include a maximum of 2 exterior images to establish context or show the relationship between interior & exterior if desired.  Logos, branding, and signage are often integrated into the interior environment, so it is acceptable to include them in project images. 
  •  Image 1 should be your best interior view - It will be used in contexts where there is only a single image from the project is presented.
    • Before uploading images, rename files in the following format:
      • "Project #" Image "#", for example "H07 Image #3"
      • Click on “In Progress” on the left to find your assigned project number, under the column “#”  
      • Resolution should be sufficient for large screen projection and web publishing. 
      • Do not add borders, etc., to the image. 
      • If you wish to add a caption, use the caption box provided do not include caption on image.

REMINDER: Remove any reference to your firm’s name or logos for all digital submissions.


  • Provide either an individual or team photo.
  • Include team member names and titles.
  • Project Team - If this project wins an award, this information will be included in the presentation, to recognize the overall team that produced the project. Be sure to identify your team and partners accurately. Project teams can include vendors, dealers, contractors, etc. Click "Add Team" to begin adding your first team.